Watch the Church Generosity Month 5 video above.



Finalize plans for the “40 Days of Generosity” and “Bless Your Pastor” initiatives.


Dig, Discuss & Decide

Print and distribute copies of the Best Practices worksheet and planning calendar. Discuss the Best Practices ideas and resources. Start using your 12-month planning calendar to keep track of old and new Best Practices that you would like to continue or start practicing. Decide if there are any additional Best Practices you would like to research before the next meeting.

How do you want to proceed with the training?

You can come back to this webpage every month to access each month’s training below, or we’d be happy to send you an email every month with instructions and links for that month’s training. Or if you prefer, you can download the online training course with instructions and links for the full six-month training.

Access each month's training plan below.