Bless Your Pastor

NAE Financial Health

The Bless Your Pastor initiative is an opportunity for your church to take seriously the call to care for your pastor. It is designed to challenge and encourage your church family to find ways to creatively Bless Your Pastor.

Across America and the world, pastors and their spouses faithfully serve and love their congregations. Many pastors and spouses have followed God’s call on their life to serve the Lord and their church, regardless of the sacrifices they make.

National research shows that most pastors and their families are operating with limited financial resources to meet their family’s current and long-term needs. Fortunately, God is bigger than church paychecks and has many ways he can provide for his shepherds through the generosity of God’s faithful people.

To learn more about this initiative, listen to the MoneyWise radio show, where Brian Kluth, Financial Health national director, shares about the Bless Your Pastor brochure.

Download a free kit for your church, which includes:

  • A Bless Your Pastor brochure that your church can print and mail or distribute to all of the families in your congregation;
  • A template letter that your church leadership can customize to mail or email to your church family, including some ideas for Bless Your Pastor offering envelopes;
  • A bulletin insert that can be printed and placed inside your bulletins; and
  • Social media cards that can be used on your church’s social accounts to remind and encourage your church family to think of ways to Bless Your Pastor.

Download the Kit

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