Financial Health & Generosity training videos were designed to help pastors and church leaders discover, discuss and decide how to create a growing culture of joyful generosity in their church.  The instructor for these videos is Brian Kluth. Brian is the national spokesperson for the Bless Your Pastor movement and NAE Financial Health. Brian was a senior pastor for 10 years and has written biblical generosity materials that have been used by thousands of churches to help their people understand God as their true provider and to inspire generous living and giving. Upon request, Brian is also available to be a guest speaker at churches, conferences, events, webinars and podcasts.

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Church Generosity and Personal Finances Videos

10 Ways Christians Learn to Become Generous

5 minutes |

7 Keys to Joyful Living and Giving for Christians

6 minutes |

5 Keys to Grow Givers and Giving in Any Size Church

5 minutes |

37 Best Church Generosity Practices

8 Reasons a 40-day Generous Life Devotional Increases Giving

Bless Your Pastor Training for Church Leaders

7 minutes |

Church Generosity and Personal Finances Courses

Church Generosity Video Course - Six Sessions: This course will systematically take you and your church leaders through all of the training videos and resources listed above.

Personal Finances Video Course - Six Sessions: This course will provide an assessment survey, videos and Best Practices resources for individuals and couples of any age or income to improve their financial health.

Bless Your Finances Video Course - One Session: This course will provide individuals or couples the same material as in the six-session course, but there will only be one video to watch.