As part of the Free Methodist Church‘s partnership with NAE Financial Health, we are pleased to offer FMC pastors and church leaders these customized online courses and resources. On this webpage, you will find resources specific to your FMC training.

Currently, the first group of 60 pastors/spouses and pastor/leaders are going through the June to November 6-month online training courses. However, any Free Methodist Church pastors, staff and leaders are free to use the customized FMC resources on this page or anything that is available on this website. You are also free to tell other pastors and church leaders from other denominations and groups about this newly created website that provides Financial Health solutions for pastors and churches.

Personal Finances Training for Couples and Individuals

Month 1 : Testimonial, Introduction, Assessment Survey, Download 40 Day Devotional and Course Materials

Personal Finances Financial Health Date (90 Minutes)

  • Step 1 – Watch Brian and Mary Ellen Testimonial Video (9 minutes).
  • Step 2 – Watch Free Methodist Church Webinar Video (23 minutes) with Larry Roberts and Brian Kluth.
  • Step 3 – Optional: Watch Month #1 Instructional Video (9 minutes). This has similar overview information as in the Free Methodist webinar video, but has been recorded for other pastors and groups.
  • Step 4 – Assessment Survey – Please take the survey individually (~10 minutes). Print out your emailed results.
  • Step 5 – 40 Day Generous Life Devotional – Get your free online version for your iPhone/Android/Windows phone or tablet (go to your app store and search for “givewithjoy” (one word, no spaces). A free online or daily email version is also available at For discounted printed copies, click here. Starting within the next few days, begin reading this devotional together each day as a couple or with your family. Take turns on who reads each day’s devotional. For those interested, there are also daily teaching podcasts (usually between 3-7 minutes) you can listen to.
  • Step 6 – Decide on a monthly, 90-minute Financial Health date when you will meet together to work on these things. Write this on your calendars.
  • Step 7 – Sign up for the private Free Methodist Church Facebook group, an online community of others pastors, spouses and church leaders going through this training at the same time.
  • Step 8 – Download and print each of these before the webinar. Put them in a Financial Health folder or 3-ring binder.

Best Practices Worksheet
Planning Calendar
Online Training 6-month Schedule

  • Step 9 Let us know that you have completed Month 1 training by filling out this form. This is required for all grantees.

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