National Association of Evangelicals

The National Association of Evangelicals seeks to honor God by connecting and representing evangelical Christians in the United States. Founded in 1942, the association represents more than 45,000 local churches from 40 different denominations and serves a constituency of millions. We work to make denominations strong and effective, influence society for justice and righteousness, and gather the many voices of evangelicals together to be more effective for Jesus Christ and his cause. The NAE is where we use Influence for Good.

Financial Health, an initiative of the National Association of Evangelicals, offers solutions for pastors and churches facing economic challenges. As our research illustrates, most pastors and spouses suffer in silence when it comes to the financial challenges in their home and church. This project focuses on connecting and resourcing denominations, churches and pastors in the area of pastor finances.

Through self-assessment surveys, Best Practices resources, and online training courses, pastors and their churches can grow together toward greater financial health. With generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc., the NAE is also able to work through a select group of NAE member denominations to provide matching grants to help pastors facing specific financial challenges.

Brian Kluth, national director of NAE Financial Health, brings over 35 years of experience as a pastor, speaker, author, researcher and leader in church finances and generosity to the project. He is located in the Denver, Colorado, area. While the NAE headquarters are in Washington, D.C., our staff and constituency live and work all throughout America.

Our Team


Brian Kluth

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Brian Kluth is the national spokesperson of NAE Financial Health, an initiative of the National Association of Evangelicals to provide solutions for pastors and churches facing economic challenges. Brian regularly travels across the country to speak at denominational, pastor, church and leadership events on pastor finances and church generosity. He is also the spokesperson for the national Bless Your Pastor campaign. Brian is a pastor, inspirational and experienced public speaker, bestselling author, and seasoned radio and TV guest.


Samantha Conway

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Samantha Conway is the program manager for NAE Financial Health, an initiative of the National Association of Evangelicals. She also manages sponsorship for the National Association of Evangelicals. Samantha is a graduate of Denison University. She enjoys connecting with churches and partners to help them support their pastors well.