With generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc., the National Association of Evangelicals developed the Financial Health online courses to improve the financial health of pastor families and the generosity of churches. The instructor for this online training is Brian Kluth, national spokesperson for the Bless Your Pastor movement and NAE Financial Health. Brian was a senior pastor for 10 years and his biblical financial and generosity materials have been used by thousands of churches across America and around the world.

Many of these online training videos are also available in Spanish.

If you are participating in the NAE Financial Health training with your denomination, please click here to find the unique link to your denomination’s training program. Going through the online training videos below will not qualify you for a grant.

Personal Finances - For Individuals and Couples

Bless Your Finances - One-Session (PF1)

God Is Your Provider - Six-Sessions (PF6)

Church Generosity - For Pastors and Leaders

Church Generosity - Six-Sessions (CG8)