We invite you to take advantage of our free online training courses. Enjoy!

Financial Health Training for All

  • Church Generosity Course: Now is great time for pastors, church leaders and church boards to discover the Best Practices and resources to grow givers and giving in any size church. The Church Generosity training sessions can be scheduled for 20 minutes or more during regular committee meetings. Sign up now to start the course.
  • God is Your Provider Personal Finances Course: Regardless of whether your salary has been impacted by coronavirus, this is a great opportunity to start the at-home, interactive video training that helps individuals and couples improve their financial health. This six-session video course is filled with free resources from many of the leading Christian financial experts. Sign up now to start the course.
  • Bless Your Pastor: Some pastors and staff members are facing salary cuts due to the coronavirus. Church board members and other leaders can join the Bless Your Pastor movement and discover creative ways that your church can support its pastor and staff during this time. Free resources are available to church boards/leaders to organize a Bless Your Pastor (and Staff, if desired) effort with your congregation. You are encouraged to distribute one of the 50 Ways lists to your church families and collect an appreciation offering for your pastor. To get started, follow these steps:

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    1. Review materials and videos at BlessYourPastor.org.
    2. Distribute one of the 50 Ways lists to your church.
    3. Then, report online. If an offering is received, the NAE will send the senior pastor a $250 Amazon eGift card.

Additional Online Training Sessions

  • Bless Your Church: This 13-minute video training session for pastor/board/leader is designed to equip, empower and encourage your church to receive generous (4, 5 and 6-figure) gifts of assets and estate bequests. Sign up now.
  • 40-day Generous Life Devotional: This 10-minute video training session for pastor/board/leader is designed to help inspire generosity and increase giving through the use of a church-wide 40-day Generous Life devotional. Sign up now.