The Faithful Giver’s 7 Great Surprises

NAE Financial Health

When you begin to actively and faithfully return 10 percent or more of all your income to the Lord’s work, you will be surprised at …

  1. The generous amount of money you will be able to give to the Lord’s work.
  2. The deepening of your spiritual life through trusting the Lord to meet your needs.
  3. The increased ease in which you meet your other financial obligations on the nine-tenths of the income you have left.
  4. The way that giving 10 percent leads to more generous giving than you ever dreamed possible.
  5. The effect of making you a wiser manager over all the rest of the money and possessions you have.
  6. The unexpected provisions that God brings into your life.
  7. The feeling of wishing you have when you wish you had started giving 10 percent or more much sooner.

“I absolutely believe in the power of tithing. My own experience is that the more I give away, the more that comes back.”

Ken Blanchard

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