Generous Life – Discussion Questions Week 2

NAE Financial Health
  1. What financial situation did you grow up with (e.g., not enough money, just made ends meets, more than enough, it varied, etc.)?


  1. What did your parents do, if anything, to help train you to manage your finances?


  1. The article “Count Your Blessings” in the Addendum explains a practice that can help one recognize God’s blessings and give back to him. Could this practice have an impact on your life and giving?


  1. What surprised you or caught your attention when you filled out this week’s worksheet?


  1. What was the most painful or difficult financial experience you recall going through?


  1. Have you ever intentionally curtailed your normal spending in order to be more generous to the Lord’s work? If so, when?


  1. What truth or Bible verse from the past seven days of reading stood out to you the most?


  1. What was the best financial advice or teaching you’ve ever received (from reading, seminars/conferences, personal example or personal advice)?


  1. What is one thing you spend your money on that is unhealthy for you or is a waste of money?


  1. What is something you bought on impulse that you realized later you didn’t really need?


11. If you begin to experience tough times financially, will you try to take care of your own needs first or will you make sure you first give to God from whatever minimal resources you have available? Why?

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