The Amazing Story of a Millionaire Giver

NAE Financial Health

Steve from California owned a small business and made about $50,000 a year. He went to a Campus Crusade for Christ conference and heard Bill Bright challenge everyone in the audience to each give a $1 million to the Lord’s work.

After the message, he went up to Bill Bright and asked, “Obviously, you didn’t really mean that my wife and I should be included in the people that will give a million dollars to the Lord’s work?”

Bill asked, “How much did you make last year?”

Steve said, “$50,000.”

Bill asked him how much he gave to the Lord last year. Steve said, “$15,000.”

Steve thought Bill Bright would be impressed that he gave more than 25 percent of his income to the Lord’s work.

Bill said, “Well, next year, trust God to allow you to give $50,000.”

Steve responded, “That’s my entire salary!”

Bill said, “Trust God and if he provides you with the funds, give $50,000!”

Steve went home, and his little business did well. He and his young family lived on their $50,000 salary, and they gave $50,000 to the Lord’s work. The next year they pledged to themselves and the Lord that they would continue to live on $50,000 but would seek to give $100,000 to the Lord’s work if God provided it. Through some unbelievable circumstances and a great testing of their faith, they were able to give $100,000 that year.

Each year, they continued to live on their basic salary and give their extra income to the Lord’s work. And believe it or not, within five years, they had given over a million dollars to the Lord!

Sometimes God gives us more income not to increase our standard of living, but to increase our standard of giving.

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