Grant-Funded Online Courses and Financial Assistance Grants

Our fellowship has been chosen to receive grant-funded online courses to better serve our pastors, leaders and congregations. We have also been given matching grant funds to provide a limited number of financial assistance grants to a number of pastors in need.

Online Courses

Any senior pastor can register for Personal Finances and Church Generosity online courses before August 31. To watch the course overview video for the Personal Finances course, click here. To watch the course overview video for the Church Generosity course, click here. We are offering $200 eGift card honorariums to the first 25 credentialed pastors who complete either course. The maximum eGift card honorarium of $400 will be given when both courses are completed. You can sign up for these online courses in the upper right corner or bottom of this page via the sign up/login button. After you create an account, we will notify you when courses are ready in September. You will then have access to both courses. You can also scroll down this page to preview monthly videos and materials.

Financial Assistant Grant

Senior pastors who meet specific need-based requirements can apply for the Financial Help grant. Details about the program and the requirements can be found here.

Online applications will need to be turned in on or before August 31.

Links to Other Financial Resources and Services from our Fellowship

Christian Service Foundation

FEC Legacy Fund

FEC Retirement Savings Plan