Welcome! The Generous Life 40-day devotional will encourage you to experience God’s generosity and discover true contentment and joy.

Each day provides biblical insights on generosity and giving, along with other resources. At the end of every week, we provide an inspiring article, practical worksheet and discussion questions.

It is best to go through the devotional with other people, such as your spouse, family, close friends or small group, so that you will be challenged and empowered to embrace a lifestyle of giving, receiving and sharing together. To start the course, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Watch the 7-minute Generous Life Devotional video above with your church board or committee.

Step 2: Download the devotional. You can also sign up for daily emails, access the devotional through YouVersion or order a printed copy.

Step 3: Make a plan to distribute the Generous Life Devotional to your congregation. You can order printed copies of the devotional at www.nae.net/store.

Step 4: If you would like addition resources to support the devotional, click here.