Free Online Courses and Matching Grants

The Church of the Nazarene, in partnership with the NAE Financial Health initiative, is pleased to provide grant-funded online courses for Nazarene ministers, leaders, and congregations in the areas of Personal Finances and Church Generosity. There are also a limited number of matching grants available to qualifying pastors for personal debt reduction or contributions to their U.S. Nazarene 403(b) retirement accounts or Canadian Registered Retirement Savings Plans.

Online Courses

  • Bless Your Finances one-session course

Bless Your Finances is a one-session condensed version that includes the key components of the six-session God Is Your Provider Personal Finances course. Both versions include a Financial Health assessment survey, video teaching, devotional, 33 Best Practices and 180+ online resources. Sign up now.

  • God Is Your Provider Personal Finances Course¬†Six-session course

This at-home interactive video training helps individuals and couples improve their financial health. This six-session video course is filled with free resources from many of the leading Christian financial experts. Sign up now.

  • Church Generosity Course¬†Six-session course

This interactive video training helps the pastor, board and leaders discover the Best Practices and resources to grow givers and giving in any size church by developing their own 12-month generosity calendar. The six interactive training sessions can be done for 20 minutes or more during regularly scheduled committee meetings. This six-session video course is filled with free resources from many of the leading Christian generosity experts. Sign up now.

Matching Grants

  • Qualifications: The COMPASS Quest matching grant is available to senior pastors and full-time associate pastors, serving in U.S. or Canadian Nazarene churches, who complete the Personal Finances course (with their spouses, if married).
  • Matching Grant Application: If you qualify, please submit the online application when you register for the Personal Finances course.

Links to Other Financial Resources and Services from our Denomination