Grant-Funded Online Courses and Financial Assistance Grants

Our association has been chosen to receive grant-funded Financial Health online courses to better serve our pastors, leaders and congregations in the area of personal finances and church generosity. We have also been given grant funds to provide a limited number of honorarium eGift cards to pastors who complete the Personal Finances course and financial assistance grants to a number of pastors in need.

Online Courses

  • We invite all our pastors (and spouses, if married) to sign up and take the Personal Finances course. We are offering a $200 honorarium Visa eGift card to the first 50 senior pastors who complete this online training.
  • We encourage pastors and a group of three or more lay leaders to take the Church Generosity course that starts in January.
  • You can scroll down this page to preview the monthly video lessons or download the course overview PDFs. Courses will be available in September.

Financial Assistance Grant

  • We invite pastors to review the qualifications for a $1,000 financial assistance grant here.
  • Online applications for the financial assistance grant need to be submitted before July 31.

Personal Finances Training for Couples and Individuals

Preview monthly videos and key content that is included in the Personal Finances training by downloading the Personal Finances Course Overview PDF or clicking on the months below.

Month 1: Course Overview, Testimonial, Devotional, Assessment Survey, Best Practices

In this month, you will get an overview of the course (8 minutes), watch a testimonial video (9 minutes) on how the course impacted one couple and choose a generosity devotional to go through. You will also take an assessment survey and be able to download the Best Practices worksheet to help you identify areas of financial health where you’re already doing well and where there is room for improvement.

Month 2: 10 Ways God Provides and 6-Month Planning Calendar

During the Month 2 training you will watch the 10 Ways God Provides video. After watching the Month 2 video (3 minutes), you can use the 6-month calendar to decide on what Best Practices will help you improve your financial health. And, you will watch a short Ron Blue video on creating a workable budget.

Month 3: Financial Freedom and Counting Your Blessings

The Month 3 training video (6 minutes) covers teaching on Financial Freedom and Counting Your Blessings. You will be asked to begin “counting your blessings” and record God’s provisions in a notebook. And, you will continue to use your Best Practices worksheet and planning calendar to help you focus on your financial health goals for this course.

Month 4: Best Practices, Tracking Your Expenditures, Establishing Financial Goals

In this month, you will begin by watching the Month 4 video (3 minutes). Then, you will choose a financial book or curriculum from a list of suggested resources. You will continue “counting your blessings,” record God’s provisions and review Best Practices that are important to you.

Month 5: Financial Curriculum

After watching this month’s teaching video (4 minutes) you will discuss the financial curriculum or book you chose last month. You will be encouraged to continue monitoring your expenditures and work on your established financial goals.

Month 6: Legacy Giving and Christian Legacy Organizer

This last month of training will cover the Bless Your Church initiative. You will begin by watching the Month 6 video (11 minutes) followed by a discussion on the Bless Your Church brochure and legacy giving. And, you will be given free access to the Christian Legacy Organizer. You will continue to use the Best Practices resources to help you meet your financial goals.

Church Generosity Training for Pastors & Church Leaders

Preview monthly videos and key content that is included in the Church Generosity training by downloading the Church Generosity Course Overview PDF or clicking on the months below.

Month 1: Introduction, 10 Ways People Are Influenced to Live Generously, Devotional

In this month, you will get an overview of the course (9 minutes) and will learn the 10 Ways People are Influenced to Live Generously. You will also choose a generosity devotional for your leaders to go through. After the meeting you can use the Best Practices worksheetplanning calendar and complete the self-assessment survey.

Month 2: 7 Keys to Joyful Giving and Giving Stats and Cartoons

The Month 2 video (8 minutes) covers teaching on the 7 Keys to Joyful Giving handout. Your team will be encouraged to share highlights from the video and your generosity devotional readings.

Month 3: 5 Ways to Grow Giving Video, 37 Best Practices Overview

The Month 3 training video (14 minutes) covers the 5-page document on 5 Keys to Growing Givers and Giving, Church Generosity 37 Best Practices and the 12-month planning calendar.

Month 4: Generosity Devotional, Bless Your Pastor Brochure, Appreciation Offering

In this month’s video (11 minutes) you will learn how to use a church-wide generosity devotional, the Bless Your Pastor brochure, special offering and lay leaders’ template letter for the congregation.

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