As part of the Free Methodist Church‘s partnership with NAE Financial Health, we are pleased to offer FMC pastors and church leaders these customized online courses and resources.   Currently, the first group of 60 pastors/spouses and pastor/leaders are going through these 6-month online training courses. However, any Free Methodist Church pastors, staff and leaders are free to use this website and online courses for their benefit. You are also free to tell other pastors and church leaders from other denominations and groups about this newly created website that provides Financial Health solutions for pastors and churches.

Free Methodist Financial Resources

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Personal Finances Training for Couples and Individuals

Month 1 : Testimonial, Introduction, Assessment Survey, Download 40 Day Devotional and Course Materials
Month 2 : 10 Ways God Provides Video, Decide Your Best Practices Priorities by Reviewing Surveys/Worksheet/Calendar
Month 3 : Financial Freedom & Count Your Blessings Podcasts/Activity, Review Best Practices Resources, 60-Day Expenditure Tracking

Month 4 : Financial Books, Review Best Practices Resources, 60-Day Expenditure Tracking and Goal Setting
Month 5 : Discuss Financial Book, Review Best Practices Resources, Fine Tune Your Budget and Financial Goals
Month 6 : Bless Your Church Tri-fold Brochure and Christian Legacy Organizer, Complete end-of-course evaluation form

Church Generosity Training for Pastors and Church Leaders

Important information about this course: This interactive online training has been designed for the senior pastor and a group of key lay leaders to go together during regularly scheduled committee meetings. Each session should take 20-45 minutes depending on the number of people in the room and how much discussion takes place. The pastor and at least three lay leaders (or more) should be present for all of the online training sessions. In some churches, it may work out best for the pastor and a select group of at least three lay leaders to go through these sessions together before or after regularly scheduled meetings. This course will usually be completed over a six-month time period, but some leadership teams may choose to go through this more quickly and others may take additional months to complete because of holiday or summer schedules. For those receiving a grant, the 40 Days of Generosity and Bless Your Pastor offering need to be scheduled and completed in 2018.

Month 1 : Introduction, 10 Ways People Are Influenced to Live Generously Video and Discussion, Download 40 Day Devotional

Month 2 : 7 Keys to Joyful Living and Giving Video and Discussion, Giving Charts and Cartoons

Month 3 : 5 Ways to Grow Givers and Giving Video and Discussion, 37 Best Practices Overview and Research Assignments

Month 4 : 40 Days of Generosity, Bless Your Pastor Flyer, Appreciation Offering Video and Planning Documents

Month 5 : Finalize 40 Days of Generosity and Bless Your Pastor Initiative, Distribute Copies of Best Practices Worksheet and Planning Calendar

Month 6 : Ideas for Receiving Legacy Bequests and Estate Gifts, Finalize 12-month Planning Calendar, Complete End-of-Course Evaluation Form

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