Welcome to your denomination’s page for Phase 2 of the Financial Health program.

Phase 2 allows credentialed pastors in your denomination to receive a single $500 honorarium for completing one of the courses below. Please follow these steps:

  1. Review the options below and decide which course you want to complete.
  2. Submit an application. Be prepared to choose a course on the application.
  3. Create an account at NAEfinancialhealth.online. Once you create an account, you can complete a training course.
  4. Once you complete at NAEfinancialhealth.online, your denomination will be notified.
  5. Your denomination will contact you if you qualify for the $500 honorarium. If you don’t hear from your denomination after following the steps above, please contact their office.

Personal Finances - For Individuals and Couples

God Is Your Provider - Six-Sessions (PF6)

Church Generosity - For Pastors and Leaders

Bless Your Church Legacy Bequests - One-Session (CG1)

How Christians Become Generous - One-Session (CG2)

Generous Life Devotional - One-Session (CG3)

Transformational Generosity for Churches - One-Session (CG4)

Transformational Generosity for Christians - One-Session (CG5)

Best Church Generosity Practices - One-Session (CG6)

Church Generosity - Six-Sessions (CG8)