Watch the Personal Finances Month 3 video above. Listen to the following podcasts: Principle of Financial Freedom (3:07) and Principle of Counting Your Blessings (10:59).



On Sunday or Monday, start recording God’s weekly provisions (see 40 Days “Count Your Blessings” article) and set aside a thanks offering to the Lord.


Dig & Discuss

Share what you are finding, reading, watching, listening or discovering as you research the Best Practices resources.



Review what you are finding in tracking your expenditures. Are there any places where you might be able to save? Begin identifying some future financial desires and goals.



Post a helpful comment on the Financial Health Facebook group about something you’re doing, God did, and/or a helpful Best Practices resource you’re using.

How do you want to proceed with the training?

You can come back to this webpage every month to access each month’s training below, or we’d be happy to send you an email every month with instructions and links for that month’s training. Or if you prefer, you can download the online training course with instructions and links for the full six-month training.