Watch the Personal Finances session 3 video above. Listen to the following podcasts: Principle of Financial Freedom (3:07) and Principle of Counting Your Blessings (10:59).



Start today by “Counting Your Blessings” and recognizing God’s provisions in your life recently. Download the Count Your Blessings  PDF to help you recognize God’s creative provisions in your life each week. Follow the three steps on the Count Your Blessings PDF.


Dig, Discuss & Decide

Spend at least 15 minutes reviewing and discussing any resources from the Best Practices worksheet. Use the 6-month planning calendar to help you focus on your financial health goals for this course. Also, check out some of the video resources, especially the 1-2-minute Q&A videos by Ron Blue in Best Practices #5.



Continue to track your expenses, determine if there are more ways to save money, and look up more Financial Health Best Practices. Begin making changes in your lifestyle and finances based on what you’ve been learning and discovering in this course.

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