Watch the Month 6 video above. Download and print out the Bless Your Church tri-fold brochure.



Continue to reflect on and record God’s provisions on a weekly basis and set aside a “thanks offering” to the Lord. Share as you feel led.


Dig, Discuss & Decide

Read through the Bless Your Church brochure. Begin to answer the question, “If I passed away in 24 hours, where would I want the money that would become available to go?” Write down some of the churches, ministries, etc. that you would want to receive legacy bequests. If possible, write down the amount or percentage you would like each one to receive. Discuss how this brochure could benefit your church and God’s work in the years to come.

Download and scroll through the Legacy Organizer (NAEfinancialhealth.org/legacy).

Continue to use the Best Practices resources to help you meet your goals. If needed, refer to the Best Practices worksheet and the planning calendar.



Plan to continue meeting together to work on your spending plans and financial goals that will improve your financial health. If you are a pastor or a leader, decide on the timeline for you and a team of leaders to go through the Church Generosity six-month, committee-based training course.

How do you want to proceed with the training?

You can come back to this webpage every month to access each month’s training below, or we’d be happy to send you an email every month with instructions and links for that month’s training. Or if you prefer, you can download the online training course with instructions and links for the full six-month training.