Watch the Church Generosity Month 3 video above (~14 minutes), which includes teaching on the 5 Keys to Growing Joyful Givers and Giving. In this video, Brian also gives instructions for using the Church Generosity 37 Best Practices worksheet and the 12-month Planning Calendar. Download and provide photocopies of this Church Generosity 5-page document for your group. In addition, send this document to everyone via email, as they will need access to the Best Practices links for the research they will be doing next month.


Dig & Discuss

Over a period of 30 minutes, have each person in your group share a few Best Practices they think should be researched further.



Assign and/or have people volunteer to do further research on specific Best Practices and bring their findings back to the group next month. They can use the website links on the Church Generosity Best Practices Worksheet.



If you haven’t already done so, complete the readings in your generosity devotional.

How do you want to proceed with the training?

You can come back to this webpage every month to access each month’s training below, or we’d be happy to send you an email every month with instructions and links for that month’s training. Or if you prefer, you can download the online training course with instructions and links for the full six-month training.