Before the Meeting

Welcome to session 3 of Church Generosity!

First, preview the video above.

Then, download and provide copies of this session’s 5-page discussion worksheet (which includes the planning calendar and Best Practices worksheet) for all of your committee members. You would have also downloaded the calendar and Best Practices worksheet earlier in session 1.


During the Meeting

Everyone should have a copy of this session’s 5-page discussion worksheet (which includes the planning calendar and Best Practices worksheet).

Watch the Session 3 video above. While watching the video, check off Best Practices on the planning calendar that your church is currently doing.

After the video, everyone should share a few Best Practices they think should be researched further. Each person should volunteer to do further research on specific Best Practices and bring their findings back to the group for the next meeting.


After the Meeting

Email the Church Generosity Best Practices worksheet to everyone in the committee via email, as they will need access to the Best Practices links for any research they will be doing during the rest of this course.

By the next session, everyone on the committee should be finished going through the daily readings in the 40-day Generous Life devotional.

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