Before the Meeting

Welcome to the Church Generosity course! If you have any questions throughout the training, please email [email protected].

First, the point person should preview the Session 1 video above.

Then, download and make copies of the Session 1 discussion worksheet for everyone participating in the training.


During the Meeting

Distribute copies of the Session 1 discussion worksheet to everyone in the meeting. Then, watch the Session 1 video above together as a group.

Discuss the “10 Ways People are Influenced to Live Generously”, which is on the second page of the discussion worksheet (linked above), and share one way you have been influenced to live generously.


After the Meeting

After the meeting, the pastor and one or two church leaders should take the Church Generosity assessment survey. Print out and bring the emailed results to the next meeting.

Each member of the committee should go to GenerousLifeDevo.org for their free copy of the Generous Life devotional (PDF or daily email).

Download the following PDF handouts before moving on to the next step. Keep on hand for session 3 and to be available to email to leaders as needed.

Best Practices Worksheet
Planning Calendar


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