Before the Meeting

Welcome to session 4 of the Church Generosity course!

First, preview the Church Generosity Session 4 video.

The, download and provide copies of this month’s discussion handout, the Bless Your Pastor brochure and template letter for your committee members.

Continue to work through the Generous Life devotional if you haven’t already finished.


During the Meeting

Watch the Session 4 video above, together, as a group.

Discuss when would be a good time for the church families to begin going through the Generous Life devotional.  Decide who will work on placing an order for the devotionals and preparing the letter and/or email to send with the devotional.

Discuss when would be a good time for the Bless Your Pastor initiative at your church. If it will be completed at a different time than the Generous Life devotional, decide who will prepare the letter and/or email from your church leaders. You can also download Bless Your Pastor materials (e.g., bulletin inserts, social media graphics and more).


After the Meeting

Everyone should continue researching their assigned Best Practices resources. Plan to bring a report at the next meeting.

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