Before the Meeting

Welcome to session 6 of the Church Generosity course!

First, preview the Church Generosity Session 6 video.

Then, download and provide copies of this month’s discussion handout and the Bless Your Church brochure for each person attending the meeting.


During the Meeting

Watch the Session 6 video above, together, as a group.

Committee members should share what they found most interesting and helpful in this teaching video on asset and legacy giving.

Discuss if distributing the Bless Your Church brochure could be beneficial to your church in the years to come. If yes, add it to your 12-month planning calendar.

If anyone has updates from new research on the Best Practices, share those now. Plug in the agreed upon Best Practices and resources into your 12-month planning calendar.

Follow up on implementation steps for new Best Practices that were decided upon in the last session.

Since this is your final session of the Church Generosity course, take a few minutes to discuss what you’ve learned from the course.


After the Meeting

In the months to come, have people take whatever actions steps are needed to implement the Best Practices you chose at your church.

Add financial health/generosity reports to future monthly agendas. Each month, request updates and reports on the results of these initiatives.

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